C&O K3-K3a 2-8-2

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C&O K3-K3a 2-8-2

Over the next few years many railroads were buying the "Mikado" type locomotives and many improvements were made to the design. By the mid 1920s the C&O decided that its motive power was becoming outdated and started acquiring new 2-8-2s.

Between 1924 and 1926 it bought 150 new "Mikados" from ALCO. There were three separate classes; fifty Class K-2, delivered in 1924 and carried road numbers 1160 through1209, fifty, Class K-3, also delivered in 1924, assigned road numbers 1210 through1259 and fifty of the third class, delivered in 1926, designated as Class K-3a and given road numbers 2300 through 2349.

All had 63" diameter drivers, K-3 and K-3a had 28" x 32" cylinders, all had a 200 psi boiler pressure and K-3 and K-3a locomotives exerted 67,698 pounds. There were some differences between each of these classes including a different specification for tenders in each class. The Class 3 and Class 3a firebox was 338 square feet. The evaporative heating surface was 4,160 square feet and with the superheater the combined heating surface was 5,663 square feet.


  • Crew figures
  • Scripted loco / tender effects
  • Animated coal load
  • Animated bell
  • Animated hoses
  • Custom e/Spec
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